iOS 7 beta 1 and Ooredoo 3G

Oooredoo 3G subscribers that have upgraded to iOS 7 beta 1 might have noticed that 3G is not functional, and there is no way in the settings to edit the APN.


I created a .mobileconfig profile with the mentioned settings and you just need to click on it using your mobile safari.

After installation ,you will get an entry into Settings ->General -> Profile, as shown in the screenshot.



2 WhatsApp 1 iPhone

In this post, I will guide you on how to run 2 instances of WhatsApp instantaneously using 2 different phone numbers on 1 Jailbroken iPhone.


  1. WhatsApp app installed on your iPhone.
  2. “Application Duplication”, “mobileTerminal”, and “Install0us” from cydia.

Launch Terminal and type the following code:

su (Enter, will prompt you to enter the root password, which is “alpine” by default)

appdub -a (this will create a duplicate WhatsApp and import it into Install0us downloads)

– When prompted type Y and enter

Install0us will launch and you will have to install the WhatsApp ipa manually (Just click on it and install)

After the installation is completed, quit Install0us and launch the WhatsApp2 from your springboard.

WhatsApp will then ask you to activate your account, and will ask you for your mobile phone number. (Don’t enter anything yet)

To make this work, you should enter the phone number of the WhatsApp that is already activated on this phone. For example, if you had WhatsApp activated for a Lebanese mobile number, and you want to activate it for a Qatari mobile number, just enter the Lebanese mobile number again, this will reactivate the newer installation by  using a number that is already activated legitimately.

Now head back to the older installation of WhatsApp and when you launch it, it will ask you to reactivate. When asked, just input the new number you want to activate. WhatsApp will send you an activation code by now and your new WhatsApp will be fully activated and functional.

And you’re done! Each WhatsApp will get its own notifications and everything works perfectly!


Enable iPhone SMS Delivery Reports

SMS delivery reports are missing on the stock iOS. I’ve come up (and tested) this work around on stock iOS 5.1 on iPhone 4S.

You simply have to add *N# at the beginning of the SMS you would like to have a delivery notification on.

Now i get it that this might be tedious to do on each SMS, so i cane up with this nice tweak to facilitate adding the *N# .

Go to Settings ->;; General ->;; Keyboard , and scroll all the way down to Shortcuts.


And add a new Shortcut for *N# . In my case i chose .,? .


You are set to go. Now whenever you want to get a SMS delivery report just type .,? , or whatever your shortcut is.



Note: the *N# code was tested on the mtctouch carrier. Your feedback for other carriers is highly appreciated

Apple’s Dark Side – iOS’s Unresponsive Home Button Fix

If you own an iOS device, then you are definitly acquainted to the unresponsive home button issue.

Since the home button is by far the most used button on your iOS, you might have thought that the repetitive use has caused the hardware lying beneath it to deteriorate and probably something like this might have happened (picture below)


Apparently Apple has a dark side, and this “issue” is part of what is known as Planned Obsolescence. Planned Obsolescence in laymen terms is, when a company (Apple in our case) sets a software limitation to it’s hardware. Meaning that your home button will work perfectly for 100,000 clicks (just a random number i thought of), and then the button will “deteriorate” and starts becoming unresponsive. Totally unrelated to any hardware limitation.

The Fix

Now this is very easy for anyone to do, just launch any stock Apple app (Stocks, Weather, Clock, etc … ) and hold the power button until the “Slide to Power Off” appears. Now press and hold the home button for around 10 seconds, which will force quit the application you had running.

VOILA! go try it.

How to create a Free Apple ID without a Credit Card

I’ve been getting this question A LOT!

Just follow the instructions and you are set to go.. Keep in mind this can be done on an iPhone, iPad, iPod (as demonstrated) or on your MAC/PC.


Step 1 – Launch AppStore

Step 2: Select a free App


Step 3: Install Free App and choose “Create New Apple ID”


Step 4: Fill out the required info and you will get the None option for Billing Information


And you’re set to go.

iOS 5 tweaks

Updated on 27-11-2011. Added tweak 2.

Tweak 1: Currency Forex in your notifications drawer.


1- Go to Stocks App
2- Add new entry
XAUUSD= X ( Price of Gold )
XAGUSD=X ( Price of Silver )

Much more currencies can be added, you just have to know the currencies’ 3 letter abbreviation.

Tweak 2: Enable the missing Personal Hotspot feature .


You may be missing the Personal Hotspot feature on iOS 5 on either iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Other sites on the Internet suggest to Reset your Network Settings to fix this. I tried it but it didn’t work, so I dug around and found this 100% fool proof solution.

To fix that just go to Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network and scroll down to Internet Tethering ( Check Screenshot Above ) and add your apn name.

The option shall appear instantly.

Check back soon for tweak 3.

Android OS On iPhone

Managed to make Android OS run on my iPhone, credits go fully to planetbeing from for his remarkable work and effort.

Now, i’ll let the pictures do all the talking, so sit back and enjoy the magic!

Cellular Network..

Sms, Keyboard




First Impressions:

The installation was a bit advance and not recommended for novice iphone hackers.. But once done, the mere sight of seeing an OS other than the iPhone OS running on your iPhone is worth all the trouble.

Now, the release is just a 0.1 alpha, so a bit buggy and unstable, BUT cell phone connections work, wifi works, multitouch works…