Enable iPhone SMS Delivery Reports

SMS delivery reports are missing on the stock iOS. I’ve come up (and tested) this work around on stock iOS 5.1 on iPhone 4S.

You simply have to add *N# at the beginning of the SMS you would like to have a delivery notification on.

Now i get it that this might be tedious to do on each SMS, so i cane up with this nice tweak to facilitate adding the *N# .

Go to Settings ->;; General ->;; Keyboard , and scroll all the way down to Shortcuts.


And add a new Shortcut for *N# . In my case i chose .,? .


You are set to go. Now whenever you want to get a SMS delivery report just type .,? , or whatever your shortcut is.



Note: the *N# code was tested on the mtctouch carrier. Your feedback for other carriers is highly appreciated