2 WhatsApp 1 iPhone

In this post, I will guide you on how to run 2 instances of WhatsApp instantaneously using 2 different phone numbers on 1 Jailbroken iPhone.


  1. WhatsApp app installed on your iPhone.
  2. “Application Duplication”, “mobileTerminal”, and “Install0us” from cydia.

Launch Terminal and type the following code:

su (Enter, will prompt you to enter the root password, which is “alpine” by default)

appdub -a WhatsApp.app (this will create a duplicate WhatsApp and import it into Install0us downloads)

– When prompted type Y and enter

Install0us will launch and you will have to install the WhatsApp ipa manually (Just click on it and install)

After the installation is completed, quit Install0us and launch the WhatsApp2 from your springboard.

WhatsApp will then ask you to activate your account, and will ask you for your mobile phone number. (Don’t enter anything yet)

To make this work, you should enter the phone number of the WhatsApp that is already activated on this phone. For example, if you had WhatsApp activated for a Lebanese mobile number, and you want to activate it for a Qatari mobile number, just enter the Lebanese mobile number again, this will reactivate the newer installation by  using a number that is already activated legitimately.

Now head back to the older installation of WhatsApp and when you launch it, it will ask you to reactivate. When asked, just input the new number you want to activate. WhatsApp will send you an activation code by now and your new WhatsApp will be fully activated and functional.

And you’re done! Each WhatsApp will get its own notifications and everything works perfectly!