iOS 7 beta 1 and Ooredoo 3G

Oooredoo 3G subscribers that have upgraded to iOS 7 beta 1 might have noticed that 3G is not functional, and there is no way in the settings to edit the APN.


I created a .mobileconfig profile with the mentioned settings and you just need to click on it using your mobile safari.

After installation ,you will get an entry into Settings ->General -> Profile, as shown in the screenshot.



2 WhatsApp 1 iPhone

In this post, I will guide you on how to run 2 instances of WhatsApp instantaneously using 2 different phone numbers on 1 Jailbroken iPhone.


  1. WhatsApp app installed on your iPhone.
  2. “Application Duplication”, “mobileTerminal”, and “Install0us” from cydia.

Launch Terminal and type the following code:

su (Enter, will prompt you to enter the root password, which is “alpine” by default)

appdub -a (this will create a duplicate WhatsApp and import it into Install0us downloads)

– When prompted type Y and enter

Install0us will launch and you will have to install the WhatsApp ipa manually (Just click on it and install)

After the installation is completed, quit Install0us and launch the WhatsApp2 from your springboard.

WhatsApp will then ask you to activate your account, and will ask you for your mobile phone number. (Don’t enter anything yet)

To make this work, you should enter the phone number of the WhatsApp that is already activated on this phone. For example, if you had WhatsApp activated for a Lebanese mobile number, and you want to activate it for a Qatari mobile number, just enter the Lebanese mobile number again, this will reactivate the newer installation by  using a number that is already activated legitimately.

Now head back to the older installation of WhatsApp and when you launch it, it will ask you to reactivate. When asked, just input the new number you want to activate. WhatsApp will send you an activation code by now and your new WhatsApp will be fully activated and functional.

And you’re done! Each WhatsApp will get its own notifications and everything works perfectly!


Evasi0n Release Date

Everyone is anticipating the public release of evasi0n, the jailbreak for iOS 6.x , and @MuscleNerd over at twitter already hinted that the release date is Sunday the 3rd.

Now, if you want a more conclusive proof that Sunday the 3rd will witness the release of evasi0n, head over to and check out the iFamily line image. Scrutinize it and tell me what do you see!

Here’s a hint: The calendar app icon on all the devices (except the iPads) clearly states 3, and the icon is doctored onto the original image of the iDevice (say more like copy-pasted on all the devices).

ifamilyphoto (1)


I don’t know about you, but for me, this is a definite proof that we will finally have a jailbreak on Sunday the 3rd.

To App Or Not To App …

Everyone seems to want to hop on the App bandwagon these days, regardless if it makes business sense to do so or not.

Verily, the concept of having an App for your business may seem like an excellent choice to promote social awareness and presence, but to some businesses it just doesn’t make any sense! I can think of few businesses that could benefit from having an App, especially those who intend to show a portfolio for their products, think (Fashion, home accessories, consumer products, etc..). In this case the concept of an app adds to the value of the business rather than subtracting from it.

Creating an App comes with great responsibility

Gone are the days that you can only code for one platform, upload it, and then forget about it. Businesses nowadays need to provide a version of their App for all the major platforms out there. iOS, Android, and WP8 just to name a few, and not to mention all the different resolutions and OS versions.

Now, from a security point of view, Apps are a nightmare; if either on iOS or on Android.

Imagine a financial institution with a published App and someone discovers a bug or a vulnerability that is exploitable. Calculate the inherent risk required to recode and test then submit the App to Apple, only for Apple to take 2 full days to publish the updated version. The HORROR!!

Now what if another financial institution with a published App on the Android market, gets targeted and someone grabs that apk and modifies it so it connects to another server and re-uploads it to the Android Market (or some other place) for it to grab the credentials of the customers ?!

I just can’t seem to figure why a business would want to create an App, while the same result could be achieved via a WebApp using HTML and scripting.

Peer Pressure MUCH?!

Gauss Malware in Lebanon

Gauss Malware, a white paper by Kaspersky.

BLOM Bank eBanking uses OTP (One TIme Password) which renders this malware useless. Without the second factor authentication developed by BLOM Bank, the passwords collected by Gauss are useless.

Of all the banks listed in the white-paper, BLOM Bank is the only one who uses OTP, a second factor authentication; based on something you have, rather than only on something you are.

An OTP is a One Time Password, which proves you are the person using the traditional password you have. Basically each time you want to sign in, the system sends you a unique OTP to be used in conjunction with your password. Both are required to be able to successfully login.

* Byblos Bank
* Bank Of Beirut
* eBLF
* FransaBank
* Credit Libanaise

* BLOM Bank

This is by no means an indication that your credentials are safe if you are infected with Gauss.

REMEMBER: You should always use different passwords for different sites. Sharing passwords is a BIG NO NO.

Enable iPhone SMS Delivery Reports

SMS delivery reports are missing on the stock iOS. I’ve come up (and tested) this work around on stock iOS 5.1 on iPhone 4S.

You simply have to add *N# at the beginning of the SMS you would like to have a delivery notification on.

Now i get it that this might be tedious to do on each SMS, so i cane up with this nice tweak to facilitate adding the *N# .

Go to Settings ->;; General ->;; Keyboard , and scroll all the way down to Shortcuts.


And add a new Shortcut for *N# . In my case i chose .,? .


You are set to go. Now whenever you want to get a SMS delivery report just type .,? , or whatever your shortcut is.



Note: the *N# code was tested on the mtctouch carrier. Your feedback for other carriers is highly appreciated