To App Or Not To App …

Everyone seems to want to hop on the App bandwagon these days, regardless if it makes business sense to do so or not.

Verily, the concept of having an App for your business may seem like an excellent choice to promote social awareness and presence, but to some businesses it just doesn’t make any sense! I can think of few businesses that could benefit from having an App, especially those who intend to show a portfolio for their products, think (Fashion, home accessories, consumer products, etc..). In this case the concept of an app adds to the value of the business rather than subtracting from it.

Creating an App comes with great responsibility

Gone are the days that you can only code for one platform, upload it, and then forget about it. Businesses nowadays need to provide a version of their App for all the major platforms out there. iOS, Android, and WP8 just to name a few, and not to mention all the different resolutions and OS versions.

Now, from a security point of view, Apps are a nightmare; if either on iOS or on Android.

Imagine a financial institution with a published App and someone discovers a bug or a vulnerability that is exploitable. Calculate the inherent risk required to recode and test then submit the App to Apple, only for Apple to take 2 full days to publish the updated version. The HORROR!!

Now what if another financial institution with a published App on the Android market, gets targeted and someone grabs that apk and modifies it so it connects to another server and re-uploads it to the Android Market (or some other place) for it to grab the credentials of the customers ?!

I just can’t seem to figure why a business would want to create an App, while the same result could be achieved via a WebApp using HTML and scripting.

Peer Pressure MUCH?!


3 thoughts on “To App Or Not To App …

  1. There are business, especially the weak ones, that succumb to industry trends and buzz. They may make an app because it seems to be the latest and trendiest thing to do. Then next season it’ll be something else. You don’t do a native app because everything is about apps today. You do it because it is beneficial to your business and to your clients.


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