Gauss Malware in Lebanon

Gauss Malware, a white paper by Kaspersky.

BLOM Bank eBanking uses OTP (One TIme Password) which renders this malware useless. Without the second factor authentication developed by BLOM Bank, the passwords collected by Gauss are useless.

Of all the banks listed in the white-paper, BLOM Bank is the only one who uses OTP, a second factor authentication; based on something you have, rather than only on something you are.

An OTP is a One Time Password, which proves you are the person using the traditional password you have. Basically each time you want to sign in, the system sends you a unique OTP to be used in conjunction with your password. Both are required to be able to successfully login.

* Byblos Bank
* Bank Of Beirut
* eBLF
* FransaBank
* Credit Libanaise

* BLOM Bank

This is by no means an indication that your credentials are safe if you are infected with Gauss.

REMEMBER: You should always use different passwords for different sites. Sharing passwords is a BIG NO NO.


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