Apple’s Dark Side – iOS’s Unresponsive Home Button Fix

If you own an iOS device, then you are definitly acquainted to the unresponsive home button issue.

Since the home button is by far the most used button on your iOS, you might have thought that the repetitive use has caused the hardware lying beneath it to deteriorate and probably something like this might have happened (picture below)


Apparently Apple has a dark side, and this “issue” is part of what is known as Planned Obsolescence. Planned Obsolescence in laymen terms is, when a company (Apple in our case) sets a software limitation to it’s hardware. Meaning that your home button will work perfectly for 100,000 clicks (just a random number i thought of), and then the button will “deteriorate” and starts becoming unresponsive. Totally unrelated to any hardware limitation.

The Fix

Now this is very easy for anyone to do, just launch any stock Apple app (Stocks, Weather, Clock, etc … ) and hold the power button until the “Slide to Power Off” appears. Now press and hold the home button for around 10 seconds, which will force quit the application you had running.

VOILA! go try it.


2 thoughts on “Apple’s Dark Side – iOS’s Unresponsive Home Button Fix

  1. Hello Zuz,

    In fact I am facing the problem you described in this post, and I tried the fix you suggested, my phone got restarted but didn’t notice any change. What is this fix supposed to do?



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