iOS 5 tweaks

Updated on 27-11-2011. Added tweak 2.

Tweak 1: Currency Forex in your notifications drawer.


1- Go to Stocks App
2- Add new entry
XAUUSD= X ( Price of Gold )
XAGUSD=X ( Price of Silver )

Much more currencies can be added, you just have to know the currencies’ 3 letter abbreviation.

Tweak 2: Enable the missing Personal Hotspot feature .


You may be missing the Personal Hotspot feature on iOS 5 on either iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Other sites on the Internet suggest to Reset your Network Settings to fix this. I tried it but it didn’t work, so I dug around and found this 100% fool proof solution.

To fix that just go to Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network and scroll down to Internet Tethering ( Check Screenshot Above ) and add your apn name.

The option shall appear instantly.

Check back soon for tweak 3.


7 thoughts on “iOS 5 tweaks

  1. Hello Zuz,

    I went into Settings -> General -> Network but I can’t find Cellular Data Network, I have Cellular Data toggle on/off. Where to get into Internet Tethering? Do I have to have 3G connection or what?

    On another side, do you have any idea why iMessage is not working, only gets disabled and the value of “My Number” under the Phone Settings is always set to Unknown?

    Thanks in advance,

      • Hello Zuz,

        Thanks a lot for your prompt response. Well iMessage is by default disabled, each time i try to enable it, it directly gets disabled again. When I click on the On/Off toggle, it keeps on getting off always.

        I did hacktivate my iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1. I tried to activate it using SAM (found a solution over the net) but still unable to enable iMessage.

        In addition, as I mentioned earlier, My Number shows Unknown, do you have any idea why?


  2. Thanks for the currency in Notification center post. That was so simple! 🙂
    I use that USDGBP=x on yahoo website but dumb me never thought of using the same in the Stocks app. Doh!


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