iPad In Lebanon

Clearly you all know that the iPad was officially released in the USA and people are dying to get one over here..

“Yes i got one, so stay tuned for a hands on of the iPad in a couple of days ;)”

So as i previously mentioned that people are dying to get an iPad and others are selling it for more than double the price..

If you have a facebook account, go and check  your marketplace to see this guy.


For Sale:

The Great Ipad 16GB NOW IN LEBANON BE THE FIRST TO OWN IT for $1,200.

In the box
* iPad
* Dock Connector to USB Cable
* 10W USB Power Adapter
* Documentation

U can add:
*iPad Case for 100$
*Apple Wireless Keyboard 150$
AppleCare Protection Plan

Yes that is 1200 USD while it costs 499 USD in USA

Not to mention the overly priced accessories..

Don’t be fooled by such people and wait a couple of months while the iPad arrives to Lebanon..


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