Android OS On iPhone

Managed to make Android OS run on my iPhone, credits go fully to planetbeing from for his remarkable work and effort.

Now, i’ll let the pictures do all the talking, so sit back and enjoy the magic!

Cellular Network..

Sms, Keyboard




First Impressions:

The installation was a bit advance and not recommended for novice iphone hackers.. But once done, the mere sight of seeing an OS other than the iPhone OS running on your iPhone is worth all the trouble.

Now, the release is just a 0.1 alpha, so a bit buggy and unstable, BUT cell phone connections work, wifi works, multitouch works…


Un-boxing My iPad (The Gadget Ritual)

I’ll let the photos do the talking.. so Enjoy the Ritual…

UPS Shipping Cardboard Box…

The iPad’s box

In-Box Accessories: Charger, and USB Cable

*DRUM ROLL* The iPad

Now stay tuned for a full review of the iPad.. and a big special thanks to Fadi, no not the one you know.. i mean TheRealFadi

iPad In Lebanon

Clearly you all know that the iPad was officially released in the USA and people are dying to get one over here..

“Yes i got one, so stay tuned for a hands on of the iPad in a couple of days ;)”

So as i previously mentioned that people are dying to get an iPad and others are selling it for more than double the price..

If you have a facebook account, go and check  your marketplace to see this guy.

For Sale:

The Great Ipad 16GB NOW IN LEBANON BE THE FIRST TO OWN IT for $1,200.

In the box
* iPad
* Dock Connector to USB Cable
* 10W USB Power Adapter
* Documentation

U can add:
*iPad Case for 100$
*Apple Wireless Keyboard 150$
AppleCare Protection Plan

Yes that is 1200 USD while it costs 499 USD in USA

Not to mention the overly priced accessories..

Don’t be fooled by such people and wait a couple of months while the iPad arrives to Lebanon..