iPhone MMS in Lebanon

A while ago, some loyal readers asked me if i can activate mms on the iPhone.

Well the good news is that i looked into that and found the problem.

The bad news is that no solution is yet to be found, so let me explain.

The problem here is with the service providers “MTC and ALFA”.

MMS functions similarily to WAP and they both require an APN (Access Point Name).

MTC and Alfa have different APNs for each service they provide (typically they should be on the same server and same APN like those of Orange, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc..)


WAP APN : wap.mtctouch.com.lb

MMS APN: mms.mtctouch.com.lb


WAP APN: wap.mic1.com.lb

MMS APN: mms.mic1.com.lb

so here’s the problem right there…. iPhone cannot identify 2 different APNs…

I’m STILL looking for a solution to this problem and will keep u guys and gals updated 🙂


2 thoughts on “iPhone MMS in Lebanon

  1. hope u find a solution soon 😀
    and btw lets say i wanna send u an mms… do u have to have mms as well to be able to read/see the contents of the msg?


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