Recently a few iPhone viruses and worms have been popping out on the internet!



Considering that the iphone has wifi these viruses/worms are spreading out like crazy; the iPhone owner doesnt even have to install anything to catch the virus, it automatically sends itself via wifi/3G to neighboring iphones!

I still havent seen any case in Lebanon, but i am sure it will catch on sooner or later.

Now to secure yourself from these worms, you should change the root password of your iPhone…

Why you ask? Let me clarify…

When you unlock your iPhone, you need to jailbreak it first.. the term jailbreak means to make the partition of your iPhone writable. By doing so, a user “root” with default password “alpine” is enabled and has FULL read/write on your system.

The newest iPhone viruses, use the default username “root” and password “alpine” to gain full access and infect your iPhone. They can have access to everything: emails, sms’es, contacts, pictures… they can even transfer credit to other phone numbers!!! YES THEY CAN DO THAT!

Now … How to protect?

All you need to do is change the default password from “alpine” to something else.. Most probably the dev-team (which makes the unlock) will force the users to change their passwords in the future, but why wait? follow these steps..

1)- Install “Mobile Terminal” from cydia.

2)- Launch “Mobile Terminal” and type “su” (without the quotes) and hit enter

3)- If you haven’t changed your “root” password type “alpine” (without the quotes)

4)- Then type “passwd” (without the quotes)

5)- Type in your new password and hit enter, then retype it to confirm..


Note: Use and easy to remember password, or you will have to reformat your iPhone to get it back!


One thought on “iPhone VIRUS ALERT!

  1. also change the pass for the user “mobile” just to be safe u can do it in the same way as for root just replace root by mobile and if u want more security cisco made a kind of firewall app for the iphone and another useful app called firewall ip


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