Push Notifications UPDATED!

Its been a while since i posted anything on this blog, so this is what i have been up to!

I tried all the methods to get push to work on my iphone 2g over Edge..

i used the pushfix but not from cydia! get it from here! http://xs1.iphwn.org/releases/PushFix.zip

DO NOT USE THE PushFix from Cydia source “cydia.iphoneil.net”

Seems that push notifications worked over WiFi, but with a few problems!

Whenever edge is on, the iphone keeps on trying to get the push notifications over edge! they only get thru when edge is off! and this only happens when i call someone!

Anybody else noticed this?


45 thoughts on “Push Notifications UPDATED!

  1. Thanks ZuZ for your update, but I have done the new PushFix and it didn’t work neither… I have read the included readme file, but how can i perform the first step on a properly activated device?

    I also tried the 2nd step alone (B. Testing Push) but didn’t work either. Can you please help?

  2. hey zuz i was wondering how much bandwidth is consumed with push notifications while im on WAP.
    i just subscribed to the service and waiting for them to send me the settings…(5$ for 25mb SUX!!!) but i just wanted to give it a try. if i use all my quota quickly then i guess i will switch to GPRS.. do u know if every app (that needs internet) works on GPRS?

  3. notifications work fine for me over edge and wifi (tried it with ebuddy, IM+, mail and facebook..) and is it just me or is mtc’s website down?

  4. Can you help me on how to fix the push notifications, using the above link ZuZ provided? I don’t have an officialy activated iphone, how to proceed from there? Today I have updated my 2G to 3.1.2 maybe that will help.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hey Tony, check the post i made under the title “Push Notifications UPDATED”

      there is a tutorial on how to fix push on iPhone 2G

  5. Thanks Zuz for your reply,

    I did try the instructions you gave, but the issue is how to do PART A. Get Legit Keychain Data and upload files to the iphone? I only have the Hacktivated device, so doing Part B alone didn’t work.

    Thanks anyways, in case you think you can help on the above would be great. Have a nice day and thanks for the useful information on your website!

    • hey Tony,

      i got the Legit Keychain data from my ipod touch!
      if u know someone with an ipod touch u can borrow it and extract the keychain data from it ๐Ÿ™‚

      there is no real fix for this ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      this is the downside of having a hacktivated iphone!!

  6. k just tested the notifications over edge and it worked i have an iphone 3G 16GB factory unlocked..
    dunno y its not workin for u guys :\

  7. no i dont live in beirut i live in 3awkar and im on 3.1
    my friend has an iphone 2G lives in bikfaya and is on 3.1.2 notifications work for him on edge 2 :\

  8. Guys, you’re confused between WAP and GPRS. They actually are the same means of network. GPRS is the slower speed than EDGE. WAP is just that all the ports are closed except 80 (alfa) 8080 (mtc) and 9201. GPRS service has all the ports open, so push and all the other software work on GPRS service. EDGE technology is not installed everywhere in Lebanon, it’s mainly installed in Beirut and suburbs, so that’s why you get the E sign in Beirut and surroundings and the O sign in other areas. It just means it’s a slower network.. but internet isn’t fast anyways, so it doesn’t really matter ๐Ÿ˜› You guys just have to know a bit more about networking, that’s it ๐Ÿ™‚ Push uses different ports than the regular 80/8080, same for Mail, BeeJive, Nimbuzz and others… So they don’t work with WAP service which is VERY limited. When will we have a true EDGE service at least!!! I’m not even talking about 3G ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • we know this Shahan, and this is what we have been saying since the begining ๐Ÿ™‚
      people on WAP don’t get push notifications coz the ports are closed, while people on GPRS do get it, but GPRS is much more expensive than WAP.

      • Hey guys. I have mtc magic line (prepaid), I subscribed in WAP and now push notifications are working on my iPhone 3G. But while I’m using safari for example I don’t get any notifications from other apps because of course the port is being used. Just wanted to share ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. yea we wont see 3G for at least another 5years :\ and for push on EDGE i have no idea how it worked after a couple of hrs i got disconnected and when the service came back push didnt work anymore over edge ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. The problem with push is not mtc, but the hacktivated phones. the phones do not have a unique id and that’s why the notifications get lost (with the iphoneil fix).

    One can extract the keys from an ipod touch, but i went the easy way and bought the keys for $6 from pushfix.info. followed the instructions and had my push service working in no time. it works on both wifi and edge.

    now i’m trying to get mms to work on mtc postpaid line. the phone guy activated the service for me but said it would not work on the iphone. so he did not give me any settings. i found the mtc touch settings on the internet, but mms is not working. the message sending fails.

    any tips about that?

    • Reina, i extracted the keys from my ipod touch and they work perfectly on WiFi! not WAP! the problem is with mtc ๐Ÿ™‚ .

      i am working on the mms settings ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hey guys,
    Push doesn’t consume a lot, its all together like 256B Down (256 characters) per notification and it doesn’t work over EDGE because the port 2195 is not open (it is open over GPRS).

    If you want to activate push let me know before you restore your iPhone i can help.

    Get your device’s set of keys for push notification on 3.1.2 and save them cause it might not be possible when apple posts an update if you dont have the cydia “on file”.The keys that you’ll get can be used if u updated your device even if it wasn’t activated with at&t.

    I activated my phone with at&t and it has its own set of keys.
    no iPod needed (but this is a great idea).

  12. Hey guys,

    how did u succeed in buyin pushfix 2.0? it asks for paypal account and here in leb we still dnt have it :S


  13. don’t buy push fix !!!
    what iPhone do you have ?
    just upgrade it to a custom 3.2.1 unactivated firmware.
    then activate it with an “AT&T” Sim card.

  14. i found a great solution for push notification , on i phone 3g ,3.1.2 !!
    with push doctor.. working perfectly!!!

  15. push doctor works over wifi only and not WAP, + u need to remove the SIM card in order to receive push notifications over wifi! w aslan whatsapp doesn’t work 3al WAP, w i cant receive push notifications from ebuddy :S

    • the problem with push notifications on the iphone is that they check for cellular data connection before wifi, and since u have wap, then cellular data connection is present, but the ports are blocked from mtc/alfa.. but the iphone doesn’t know that so the notifications are never received.

      the reason they work for the first 2 minutes or so, is that because the wap is not yet connected.

      When the iphone finds that there is no cellular data connection, it uses wifi!

      used to happen with me all the time, and you can receive the notifications over wap by making any phone call…

  16. heyy guys la kell lli 3m y3ano from getting the push notifcations on wifi..b4 u connect on ur home network(wifi) u shud go to settings-general-network-cellular data network w bas ghayro el pass aw el user name,,ususally ana 3al alfa el pass btkun mic1 bem7i el 1 btsir mic w btla3 mnl settings..this way the iphone recognizes that theres no longer data network ,then connect to wifi and voila simple:)

  17. and btw the alfawap profile on ios4 doesnt work..if any 1 needs a working one i can send it to him..hope i helped

  18. I was using wap on an mtc prepaid line. Push notifications were working on mbox mail app, facebook. But whats app was not working properly. I also was able to download many apps from the app store on wap.

  19. Hey guys !!
    I have a 3GS 4.2.1 Firmware Jailbroken … and i was thinking about the WAP service;
    actually i downloaded and installed the MTC Configuration File on my iPhone since i have MTC Prepaid Line, but am not rly confortable about activating WAP, and that’s because the Push Notification thing and the whatsapp issue … (i downloaded Push Doctor before, and that’s because i had YouTube issues) but am not rly sure if it affects the WAP Notifications

    so my question is .. do u guys believe that i can have WAP on my cell without any notifications problems and all these things ?? and how !?

    Thank you for your help !! ๐Ÿ˜€


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