iPhone User.. Share Your Ping ID!

Come on people share your Ping IDs

  1. Name: Hussam Ping ID: samlb
  2. Name: ZuZ         Ping ID: zuza
  3. Name: Nassib   Ping ID: nassib
  4. Name: Casual   Ping ID:Casual92

In case you dont know what ping is here is a summary:

A new iPhone and iPod touch app called Ping!, which aims to provide free iPhone-to-iPhone (and iPod touch) messaging to users of those devices. I tried it, and thought it was worthy enough to give a shout out to.

Basically, once you download the free Ping! application, you set up a username, and you are set. You can invite others from within the app over email, letting them know your username, and also set up whether you want push notifications or not. Once you start a conversation, it’s very similar to SMS…except it’s free, and instant. You get the speed of an IM conversation with the persistence of SMS, all at no extra cost. Even better, it works internationally. So you can send and receive messages with people in other countries, and again, at no extra cost.

Go ahead and give Ping! a try, I think you’ll like it.


I’ll update this entry periodically with new user IDs.


30 thoughts on “iPhone User.. Share Your Ping ID!

  1. Hey, my ID is nassib. but I highly recommend you guys try “whatsapp” its a free application that is even better the ping!. it automatically adds your contacts who have this app and it has a much much cleaner interface.

    • hey nassib

      whatsapp is good for people you know. you need to know their phone number in order to add them to whatsapp.
      on ping its a little bit more personal 🙂
      but i agree whatsapp is cleaner.

  2. Hey guys,

    Ping isn’t working with me… I have Push notifications ON and I even did the Push fix, but still not connecting with me… how did you get it to work?

  3. I know this isn’t probably the best place to ask this, but since Shahan brought the subject up…. 😛
    I followed the instructions and installed Push Fix for my jailbroke 3GS (3.1.2) but am still not sure if they’re working or not… how can I test them out?

  4. ping actually relies on ur push certificates to receive messages. Thoses certificates are unique IDs for each phone and are generated when you activate ur phone with a valid carrier (AT&T for example). So it will not work unless you found a way to generate and regster unique push certificates to ur phone so that the apple push servers can find u.

    • hey zee

      ping needs push notifications to work, and push notifications doesnt work on wap!
      i havent tried it on gprs, but some readers tried it and swear they work over gprs!


  5. Nope, I haven’t activated mine with an official sim, so it’s hacktivated. I used a cutsom already jailbroken and activated firmware. That’s why push doesn’t really work.


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