iPhone Data Consumption (Photos)?


UPDATE: I just got a call from mtc, and someone was literally intterogating me over my data usage.. haha


A lot of iPhone owners have wondered on the iphone’s data usage and whether the quota supplied by either MTC or ALFA is enough!

MTC post paid subscribers get an unlimited quota for data usage and trust me when i say unlimited (Evidence to follow); while MTC prepaid subscrubers get 25 mb for the same fee of $5. Alfa users are also in the same range.

Curios about my data usage i sent “Bill” to the number 114 and low and behold the sms i got!


YUP A FREAKING 604 mb and that was a whole 3 days before the final bill came out! and all of that for $5!! πŸ˜€ some deal eh?!

so prepaid iPhone users please be careful with your precious data!

Meanwhile Blackberry Internet service is being sold for $45 and a limit of 45 mb!




78 thoughts on “iPhone Data Consumption (Photos)?

  1. Ways and ways better πŸ™‚
    by the way unlock for 3.1.2 is now available…starting today πŸ™‚
    for those who upgraded by mistake can now unlock and enjoy their iPhones again πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Zuz:

    I would like to ask you about the complete procedure that we should follow to enable MTC Touch WAP on the iPhone 3.1.2?

    Is it only by editing the proxy.pac file and make it like:

    function FindProxyForURL (url , host) {
    if ( isInNet ( myIpAddress(), β€œ14.0.0.0β€³, β€œ255.0.0.0β€³) )
    return β€œPROXYβ€³;
    return β€œDIRECT”;

    Or we should apply any other changes?

    One more thing, what is the mtcwap.mobileconfig file for?

    Thanks in advance,

    • the mtcwap.mobileconfig is a file to enable wap on you iphone instead of using the proxy.pac method.

      all you have to do is open the file using your iphone!

      you can do this by downloading the file on your pc and then sending it to yourself via email and opening the email on your iphone!


      • Thanks a lot for the fast reply!

        I want to ask you a question related to Call Forwarding. Is there a way to specify when to divert your calls? i.e. like in Nokia, you can specify when out of reach, or not answered, etc…Second, you notice the pop-up that tells “Call Forwarding Active” whenever you are making a call, do you have any idea how to stop this message? I heard that it can be stopped by editing one of the files the way you did to enable WAP.


  3. So Zuz….. U didnt tell me how to get my Data Consumption message from MTC…. I would love to know how much I’m spending on WAP…. (I have a post paid line)

    • Sorry Houssam totally forgot :p

      I just send a sms to 114 containing “Bill” without the quotes and they sent me this.. the second sms you see in the screenshot is the one they sent me when my bill was due! πŸ™‚ try it!

      • Cool… thanks bro
        I still have 15 days to go before payment due date and I’m up to 170 MB πŸ˜€ heheheh

        Zuz, do you sometimes loose reception and get “No Service”?

      • Any time Hussam! πŸ™‚

        170 mb is nothing compared to my wooping 600 mb :p

        As for your question, yes i used to get that a lot, but i subscribed to the missed call sms notification from mtc ; that way if i am browsing using my iphone and someone calls me at least i will get a sms telling me if anyone called πŸ˜‰

  4. Yeah, I still have a long way to go before I get there πŸ˜› Will do my best!! heheheh

    I already registered with the Missed Call SMS service, but I’, really annoyed by this problem 😦
    I’m also annoyed by the fact that sometimes when I’m using WAP, people calling me get a closed line signal… I’ve been told that’s normal. Is that true?

  5. Zuz, thanks a lot. This is a very helpful post!

    As for the Call Forwarding pop-up, you mean to add “http://c.ifon1.no/” to the sources in Cydia and then install the Callforwarding application? I didn’t get what you mean by adding iFon1?

    Thanks again.
    Have a nice day!

  6. Hello Zuz,

    Hope all is fine. I would like to ask you if you faced the similar problem. I have an iPhone 3G and after upgrading to firmware 3.1.2 and unlocking using geohot Blackra1n solution, the Maps application is not working. It will never detect my current location.

    Do you have any idea how to fix this problem? I tried resetting networks settings, but it didn’t work.

    Any clue?


  7. I just checked with mtc…they now have 3 data plans, none unlimited. For $10, one gets 50Mb per month. One can also pay more for higher limits.

    Maybe you have an old plan where you pay $5 for unlimited? In that case, you’re one lucky person!

      • Zuz, I was under the impression that ur on WAP…. or was I mistaken?
        Reina, here are MTC’s current prices and packages
        WAP is $5 and unlimited
        50 MB —> $10
        100MB —> $15
        250MB —> $250
        with WAP u’ll need the WAP settings (on Zuz’s blog…. 3am ba3millak di3aye’)
        with GPRS, u don’t need any settings

      • Hussam, yes am on WAP, I think Reina is mistaken!
        as for the de3aye, mamnoon bas she is already on my blog.. lol!

  8. i’m on postpaid.

    bas isn’t GPRS better than wap? if there isn’t much difference i would certainly go for $5 unlimited! i just don’t think weather, youtube and other applications work on wap, but i may be mistaken.

    i subscribed to the $10 GPRS plan to try the service…it’s ok…i don’t like the fact that it’s only 50Mb. but now the gprs has completely disappeared from the phone…i suspect it’s a glitch in the original or unlocking software. i’m waiting to figure out how to fix it.

    one thing zuz, looking at the picture you posted, is says “your gprs charges are $5”. isn’ t the $5 for wap?

  9. gprs is working again…heik 3a zaw2o….

    if anyone knows of an unlimited data plan with all apps (that need internet) working, please let me know!

    • Hey Reina,

      I am on wap for sure! i only pay $5 a month and my plan is unlimited!
      everything works fine! (Safari, Weather, Stocks, Facebook, Skype, Youtube even ebuddy) u name it! the only downside is the 1mb limit when u try to download a file!

      i suggest you give it a try !

  10. I contacted MTC yesterday about WAP on my iPhone and they said it doesn’t work on iPhone! please can you help me? I wanna put WAP on my iPhone!!!!!!!! I use Facebook and eBuddy and Safari mostly, and is the connection REALLY slow?

    I have a prepaid MTC card

    • It doesnt really matter, you can just call mtc to enable the service and then apply the mobileconfig file, or u can install the file and then call mtc πŸ™‚
      let me know if you managed to make wap work!

  11. Tony, just a heads up…. MTC will INSIST that WAP does not work on your iphone and that you need to bring it in for some sort of configuration. You can either:
    1- Tell them to mind their own business and just enable WAP or
    2- Tell them that you have some sort of smartphone (like Nokia or something else)
    Good Luck

  12. Hey guys, I did all you said! πŸ˜€ I called MTC and she insisted it doesn’t work :p So I told her I knew how to make it work, and so I sent a message to MTC and they said it will be available within 24 hours. Then I opened the mtc file you provided and installed it and then nothing happened… Now I’m waiting for it to work. Do they send a message or something saying that it works?

    And question: can I still use wifi even if I have WAP? Thanks!

    • Well, I’m not sure which file you opened, but what you should do is download Zuz’s mtcwap.mobileconfig file (found on the right sidebar and email it to urself, then open that email on the iphone. There, you open the file which installs the WAP settings on your iphone. You should be set to go by then (if mtc have enabled ur WAP that is :P)

      Wifi and WAP are totally seperate…. You can still use Wifi when u need it.

    • yes you can still use wifi whenever it is available.. the iphone by default chooses wifi over edge, which means it checks for wifi and if it isn’t available it uses edge/wap..

      you can wait 24 hours for the service to work, or you can try turning off your iphone and then turning it back on..

      to make sure that the mobileconfig is installed correctly, go to Settings -> General and scroll all the way to the end. You should see Profile “ZuZ Mtc”..

      mabrook πŸ™‚

  13. IT WORKED!!! Thanks guys for all you’ve done you’re great! πŸ™‚

    But it’s so slow :S I guess it’s okay I’ll just use it for eBuddy I won’t open facebook on it as I only have 25mb limit :S

    Keep up the great work guys, here’s to iPhone the best phone in the world! πŸ˜€

  14. Guys I have a problem! But it’s not WAP-related! I’m not getting some messages! The notification shows, then I enter and sometimes it doesn’t even show in my Messages app, and sometimes it shows but the next time I open the Messages it doesn’t show anymore!!!!

    I’m going crazy, and I think it’s happening since I installed the Delivery Status report from Cydia

    • Hey Tony,
      Do you have any other SMS application installed such as RealSMS or BiteSMS?Try uninstalling the delivery status notifier and these apps from cydia, restart, and test.
      Hope this works

      • I uninstalled the delivery status notifier and the same thing happens. I also have SMS helper that is the character count when writing a message maybe that’s the reason?

        Normally when I get a message and I don’t open it right away, the icon “1” shows on the Messages app icon, now no notification shows and the message is lost

    • Tony you have a corrupted sms.db file,
      what i advice you to do is delete all your messages and see if it works out..
      if not, then you will have to manualy delete the sms.db file from your jailbroken phone.

      Just a quick question before, on what firmware are you?

  15. does any1 know how i can fix the ability to turn edge on and off? like in the sbssettings toggle it does go green and red but when i dont have wifi i cant seem to turn edge off it does show as red but i can still see the “E” symbol and the data ip..also sometimes the edge symbol turns to a little blue circle o.O any1 had this problem?

    • The E is stands for Edge and is displayed whenever an Edge network is available..
      The blu circle is the GPRS signal and is present when GPRS is available and not EDGE.

      by default the iphone prefers EDGE over GPRS, but can function well on both!

  16. Hi Zuz,

    This post gave me lost of on answers. I still have one question. If I convert my prepaid line to postpaid, and subscribe to wap (and install your MTC profile of course), will Push Notifications work? (I have a working key I bought from pushfix.info and tested via wifi working). Will push work over Wap? Do they work with u? Please let me know since it’s an important thing to me.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Tony,

      Sadly NO, Push notifications do not work over $5 WAP from mtc, they work on wifi but not on wap. MTC blocked this service.

      • Thanks for your reply πŸ™‚
        I have enabled WAP on my prepaid line (25MB) just for testing before converting my line to postpaid.
        I also installed your MTC patch but nothing worked yet, I think because MTC needs 24 hours to activate the WAP account so I will wait and see what happens.

        So you’re using WAP on your post paid, without PUSH notifications, but at least unlimited internet πŸ™‚ And what’s the best app (working fast over wap) for chating? eBuddy, IM+, Nimbuzz…

    • yes u have to wait 24 hours as they say, sometimes it is much less πŸ™‚

      i personally use ebuddy pro when on wap and beejive when on wifi.. both are great but beejive needs certain ports to successfully login, and these ports are closed on wap!

      enjoy πŸ™‚

      • WAP worked on my iPhone. So it was a time issue. I think i will convert my line to postpaid so i can subscribe to unlimited wap. I tested weather app, mail app and safari all working fine.
        Any inconveniences using WAP other than push notifications not working?

  17. Hi ZuZ ! Hope u’re fine! I have now postpaid MTC and wap works great. But YouTube is not working, I always get YouTube not available over wap (works fine over wifi). Sounds familiar to you? Also is there a working method to tether the wap connection to a laptop? I tried both PDAnet and iPhoneModem from Cydia, but I think there’s a wap ports problem,and it doesn’t work. Thanks man in advance for your replies πŸ˜€

    • Hey Tony, congrats! πŸ™‚
      as for tethering your iphone, it won’t work because in mtc wap all ports are blocked!

      concerning youtube!!! there is a limit on the size of files you can download over mtc wap (it is 1 mb) so if a video is under 1 mb in size, then it should work! this applies to everything u want to download over wap!

      Enjoy πŸ˜€

      • Thanks Zuz for your reply as usual πŸ™‚

        At least we have Safari, ebuddy, facebook and some other apps working over WAP, that’s already great! I would like to know what app suggestions do you have that will work over WAP and you have tried (for ex. eBuddy great for chating over WAP…). Maybe you could open a standalone discussion about that? that way each one can share his/her experience with WAP and what can/can’t work and what optimizations can be done… Thanks a lot man!

  18. hey zuz..
    i think this question has been asked before.. but cant find the answer..
    sometimes without even using wap.. i get no service at all, and not even flight mode fixes it, not until i reboot, any idea about this issue.

  19. Hi ZUZ
    mtc wap work fine with me πŸ™‚ 10xx
    if their is any way to make a voice call? (skype) I tried and i got you need wifi to call over skype. skype call over 3g networks are currently not allowed.


      • Exactly! But due to the very slow WAP connection, you will only be able to talk for less than a minute and then the call will be dropped. ZUZ did you manage to get better skype calls with wap?

      • Hello everybody.
        I am using android os and I am on pospaid mtctouch. With wap plan. Same problem as iphone nothing works except the browser. So zuz after ur genuine work on the iphone do have any idea how to do it on the android?

  20. Hussam :
    I’ve tried skype calls over MTC’s WAP… Very bad quality with a lot of delay, Not recommended at all…

    True Hussam.
    Can you all share the successfully working apps over WAP? That way we will help each other instead of downloading/trying every app.
    Here’s my list for now:
    Instant Messenging: eBuddy Pro
    Social: Facebook, Tweetie
    News: NYTimes, AP Mobile
    File Sharing: Dropbox
    Emails: mBox Mail (to access hotmail/msn accounts)
    Currency: Currency
    Translation: iTranslate (using Google Translate service)
    RSS: Pro RSS
    Music Streaming: finetune (works great), Top100 iTunes (great!)
    eShopping: Amazon.com app
    Flight Tracking: FlightTrack Pro

    Now your turn πŸ˜€

  21. Hi guys, thank you very much for the usefull info, i just subscribed to wap, i have a prepaid account, do you know if the edge icon would apper on the phone or not, i have the 2g phone with firm 3.1.3 thank you

  22. Hey zuz , i wish you could answer me as fast as possible, is the wap way slower than gprs and does what’s app and mail works on it ? Or it is better for me to get 120 mb gprs?


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