Push Notifications in Lebanon

Thinking of why push notifications dont work over mtctouch and alfa, i came up with several conclusions!

1st its either they dont work over edge!

2nd mtctouch and alfa blocked them!Picture 002

looking around i found out that edge is supports push notifications and 100% functional!

which leaves us with the only other option; Lebanese Carriers blocked them!

diving futher into the subject, push notifications turned out to be using port 2195 !

yup you guessed it, mtctouch and alfa both have all ports closed except 80 and 8080 for security reasons and some other organizational benefits!

currently am looking for a way to make it work over port 80!

any ideas?


7 thoughts on “Push Notifications in Lebanon

  1. so any updates on push? I can’t even make it work for wifi connections btw (i have an iphone 2g) and it’s driving me crazy…

    • nope, not updates at all.. except that apparently push notifications work on gprs, but u have to get the gprs service instead of wap.

      as for your 2g.. it is a known problem.. try pushfix from cydia.
      the problem with push notifications on 2g is that when unlocked and activated u loose your “id” and notifications wont be sent to u..

      using pushfix, they tried to solve it, but u can end up getting push notifications from other people, and other people receiving urs!

  2. Hello guys, I have a question about WAP on MTC. I have a prepaid account, and normally I send them a message and they say how many MB I have used. This month, when I send it gives me that I used 0.00MB although I used LOTS of bytes :p

    Does it mean the prepaid is now unlimited MB? Or is it some kind of error?

  3. Hey all , i have alfa line with limited 20 mb per month. How can i pass the limited mbytes? Is there changes in proxy or port which i suppose to do them?

  4. hello , i have an unlocked iphone 3gs and i need push certificates to enable push notifications on my device can anyone help me getting push certificates pleaaaase !!


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