Alfa Edge File Hack

So a while ago i posted a file i created that contains the necessary settings to easily enable the edge on mtc touch on the iphone

I finally managed to create the same file type for alfa networks and it is working like a charm 🙂

Again it has to be sent to you by email, so leave a comment if u want it!

till next time!


Arabic Language in iPhone O.S 3.0

Since the early days of the iPhone OS,  arabic wasn’t supported on the iPhone.

The letters used to either came up garbaged or in reverse and separated!

Luckily there was Arabtaller to introduce the Arabic font and support to the iPhone via a third part install; nevertheless it was a commercial package and the user had to pay up to $30 for a single license, even that and the product wasn’t a complete solution.

Finally in iPhone OS 3.0 apple introduced the Arabic language and we are all glad it did.. Websites now display Arabic font properly but there is something wrong with the keyboard.

Arabic Keyboard on Iphone

Arabic Keyboard on Iphone

Many letters are missing (Check out the attached picture). What i directly notice is the absence of the letters (ء) and (ى).

Apple if you are reading this, consider adding the shift key for the additional keys found on any standard keyboard!

Lebanese Bloggers Around the World

As i write my second post on wordpress, it came to me; how many Lebanese people actually care to blog!

I’ve knewn about wordpress for a long time now, but not until recently i decided to jump on this train.

Facebook is the major national concern here in Lebanon. Although most joined to get connected to old friends and share some online, nevertheless the number 1 use of it is to “discuss” political views, you know, even 5 year olds are experts in politics in Lebanon.

Now you may have noticed the quotes around discuss in the previous sentence. Yup that’s right.. they fight, swear, terrorize, threaten, and humiliate each other over stupid politicians that control the people like puppets!

I still do have my facebook account, but i am seriously thinking of de-activating it. I am sick and tired of all the political bullshit dominating the Lebanese Facebook!

So smart Lebanese around the world, are you really out there!?

n.b: leave a comment if u are 🙂